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About Home Building & Improvement

A website providing expert guidance on each aspect of home building as well as home improvement.
My name is Andrew McConnel and I’m a full time custom home builder. I’ve extensive experience with all facets of residential and commercial building. I have managed hundreds of big and small projects including Energy Star Certified houses high end custom residences and commercial buildings that were complicated.
I also love woodworking in my free time. I am currently in the method of outfitting a medium sized wood shop where I the way to use shop tools and create articles and videos on wood working jobs like assembling cupboards.
For most of the major brands I’ve analyzed and reviewed hundreds of power and hand tools over the last 7 years.

I’m also a licensed professional engineer in many states using a background in structural engineering, civil engineering and residential and commercial building construction.
What Improvement & Dwelling Construction Offers
You may be wondering why I Have created this blog. My goal will be to create a home improvement and building associated site that provides accurate reliable advice that’s not difficult to uncover and use. As engineer, DIY’er, a home owner, contractor and dad of two children I Have got lots of expertise and perspective to share from my history.
In addition to the expert advice you will discover on this particular website, you’ll find I am really accessible for questions about your individual job.
Merchandise Reviews
Among the exciting facets that’s grown on this particular website are product reviews. Tool businesses and household product manufacturers frequently send us products to test and assess. In return we provide a rational evaluation whether it’s bad or good so the consumer can get an honest opinion from someone they can trust.

Sponsored Home Improvement Jobs
We’re always searching out new, innovative products to use in jobs around the house and on the job. With all these new products we are able to assess them and help spread the word.